The Comber Fair

President’s Message

In an effort to continue to communicate during these interesting times, we are working on producing a newsletter on a regular basis to ensure that information is available to the CAS membership. We need your input. Please get up to date with our Web Site and Facebook pages.


Let’s take a look at what has been accomplished during the past unforgettable year and where we are headed......


As 2020 drew to a close we look back at a truly UN-FAIR year.

A lot of plans made and a lot of plans crushed due to an unseen virus called COVID-19.

HOW LIFE HAS CHANGED. We don’t hug; we stay 6ft apart. We wear masks into banks and stores. Doing that a year ago could have got you shot. We live and associate with people in our “bubble”. Travel is out of the question and any plans to do so were shattered. Our movements and social lives are defined by the colour of the zone we are in.


At Comber Agricultural Society we have tried to stay positive

and plan for the future - our next FAIR - our next community event - and the maintenance of our facilities.

Our lives have changed, but as you can see life goes on at Comber Ag. It has been a busy 2020 year but totally UN-FAIR.

Many thanks to all of you who volunteer around the Fairgrounds throughout the year. Even though we haven’t seen a lot of you we have been thinking of you and are looking forward to seeing you at the 2021 Comber Fair Aug. 6,7&8.

During this typical winter season we would like you to keep safe, so please plan to celebrate within your “Bubble”.

Our Volunteers Keep Us Alive

Back at the end of March 2020, little did we know what Life would have in store for everyone. We hoped the medical crisis would be resolved and we could resume our planning for the 2020 Comber Fair. We were excited to use the “newly found” spare time to get a head start on our fair entries. We continued to “tweak” and modify our proven fair template to ensure safety protocols could be achieved. Covid-19 may have handed us a blip on our planning schedule but we knew we would rise up as a team, working together and overcome this small set back. We have had set backs before surviving 2 World Wars, countless Depressions and this would not stop us but merely let us rethink “the plan”.

As stated back in April, this time of physical distancing has given us a chance to re-evaluate what is important in our lives – family and tradition! We have been spending more quality time with our household roommates” and using our hours to stay in touch with family and friends thru technology. We are completing those procrastinator” projects, pulling out “comfort food” recipes and interacting from a safe distance.

Life can take us down different unexpected paths..... maybe a new ingredient makes your recipe better, maybe that scrap of material becomes a new creative project. Take stock of what you have, have fun and stay positive!

So as we continue to travel thru the uncertainties of this virus, stay safe, physical distance and together we will come thru this.

As you will see in the following 2020 recap, the CAS Board of Directors, Homecraft and Mainboard Executives, volunteers and membership have continued to be busy even though we were not able to host a fair. The Virtual baby photo contest went over fantastically.

The start of a new decade and definitely a year of change and uncertainty!

Meetings, Meetings and more meetings! January always starts off with meetings.

Major decisions have not been made at this time and we continue to hope that the virus curve will be flattened and life will return to somewhat normal.

Giving Back to the Community – It’s What We Do!

In spite of the lack of the 2020 Comber Fair, Comber Agricultural Society continued to give back to the Community.

Due to Covid, Comber Fair still was able to host the Annual Scholarship Bursaries giving grants of $2,000 each to 4 students to assist in furthering their education in the Agricultural Field.

To negotiate an agreement with Gosfield North Telecommunication to give them an easement across our west side property for their Fiber Optic internet in exchange for FREE Internet service 24/7 365 days a year at our Pavilion Area. Although we only needed it for the week of Comber Fair it will be available for others to use.

To negotiate an agreement with Aceon to rent part of Ford St. to get us much needed income.

To negotiate an agreement with MTO to rent a spot on our fairgrounds for a construction office again for much needed income.

We remain optimistic the curve will improve and allow us to host our 2021 Fair. The membership fee for 2020 to exhibit was waved and will be applied to exhibit in 2021.

We are making complimentary changes with many disinfectant stations and the Midway will have stations prior to anyone getting on the rides. Wash stations will also be added.

We do need and want your input for ideas as to what you would like to see and do in our little family oriented town. We realize we all seem to be fighting the clock of survival with the need for the normal 2 income family but we need volunteers. The more volunteers we have the less time one has to spend with us.

We are currently planning an event for Easter. Please check out our Web Site or Facebook page for details. Prizes etc.