The Comber Fair


Print-off this answer sheet to keep track of your findings. Make sure to go online and submit your findings to receive an Easter goodie-bag.

Good luck & happy hunting!


There are 24 hidden Easter eggs, bunnies and chicks around the town of Comber, each with a special colour and number. Take a drive or walk through the town and see how many you can find.
 Along the way, keep track of the colour and number of the egg, bunny and/or chick then submit your answers online by 11:00pm on March 30th to receive a goodie-bag!
Make sure to print off a copy of the answer sheet to keep with you while you're hunting!



*Please leave the eggs, bunnies and chicks where you found them for the others to hunt for.

All participants who submit their answers online will receive a goodie-bag!


But wait...there is one Golden Egg hidden somewhere in town.
Be the first to find it and win the mystery GRAND PRIZE!

If you find the golden egg, please claim the egg and follow the instructions on the back of it to receive the grand prize.