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2023 Bursary | Comber Agricultural Society

We are very appreciative of our 2023 Comber Fair Bursary Sponsors for enabling us to award eight recipients each $2000 bursaries. The recipients and sponsors were recognized during the Comber Fair opening ceremonies.

Here are our 2023 recipients:

Declan Armstrong, Belle River
  • First year University of Guelph in Bachelor of Science Agriculture
  • Future plans include expanding the family farm and personally own 1000 acres of land by the age of 40
  • Aspires to use new gained knowledge of  techniques, share experiences and learn from peers by joining farm groups such as Grain Farmers of Ontario
Joshua Buchanan, Comber
  • First year University of Guelph in Environmental Sciences
  • Future plans include assisting in taking over family farm while going into research regarding soil and plant health impact by soil erosion, organic matter and drainage
  • Aspires to a career in field research specializing in agronomy to increase sustainability of farms
Holly Rose Daponte-McCracken, Staples
  • First year of St Clair College in Developmental Services Worker
  • Future plans include taking care of retired farmers who spent their entire lives taking care of land and livestock to provide us with food
  • Aspires to use her agriculture background and experiences to relate to elderly farmers as she cares for them
Braedon Douglas, Staples
  • First year University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus in Agriculture
  • Future plans include being a farmer and using knowledge gained to implement and take advantage of cleaner and safer procedures of farming operations
  • Aspires to bring Essex County to the forefront of agriculture in Ontario and Canada while networking with other young farmers
Maeve Gatt, Lasalle
  • First year University of Guelph in Biology and Wildlife Conservation
  • Future plans include becoming a park ranger to help manage forests and natural habitats
  • Aspires to use her new gained knowledge to improve the overall environment and advocate the importance of preserving land for agriculture, recreation and habitat
 Ella Gazdig, Comber
  • First year University of Guelph in Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Future plans include work as an Ecologist to deal with challenges within the food system, one being Phragmites which is an invasive species that is toxic to other plants such as grain crops
  • Aspire to help farmers manage nutrients within water, soil and plants
Tuesday Kristiansen, Kingsville
  • University of Guelph in Masters Program of Science in Plant Agriculture
  • Future plans include focusing on sustainable pest management solutions for farmers especially corn root worm control in corn
  • Aspires to a career in sales or technical agronomy to help farmers to implement solutions or mitigate strategies for the farm’s profit and sustainability
Laura Vandendool, Wallaceburg
  • First year University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus in Associate Degree Agriculture
  • Future plans include continuing to work in the family’s field crop production and to continue to build her beef herd
  • Aspires to obtain a certificate in artificial insemination while improving her level of care for cattle doing pregnancy checks, delivering calves, vaccinating calves and cows and trimming hooves