Officers & Committees


President: Ian Pearce 519-825-4760 (

1st Vice President: Rob Duquette 519-791-0422 (

2nd Vice President: Richard Duchene 519-999-3760

Secretary: Shelley Ashley 519-903-1563 (

Treasurer: Laura Roy 519-809-4454 (


Dave Cecile (519-687-6042)

Spencer Chaput (519-784-8504)

Chris Duchene

Donna Duchene (519-687-3763)

Ron Reaume

Berdine Duquette (519-682-2642)

Tyler Duquette (519-687-2762)

Sam Ferris (519-990-1326)

Tim Ferris (519-990-1326)

Jodi Fluker (226-787-3413)

Sue Holmes (519-682-2642)

Bob Hornick (519-800-9904)

Jeff McKeen (519-687-2502)

Laura McKeen (519-687-2502)

Michelle Pearce (519-825-4760)

Tim Rowsom (519-687-2211)

Junior Directors

Kassidy Ashley

Connor Pearce

Owen Pearce

Ethan Pearce

Kaylee Roy

Taylor Roy


Rules and Regulations: Directors

Fair Paper Co-ordinators: Directors

Advertising & Promotion: Directors

Poultry: Sam and Tim Ferris, George Voakes

Grain & Seeds: David Ainslie, Grace Mullen, Spencer Chaput

Hydro & Water: Simpson Electric

Entertainment: Directors

Parade: Rob Duquette, Tim Rowsom, Bob Hornick, Laura McKeen, Kaylee Roy (

Vendor & Food Rental Space: Jodi Fluker (

Farm Machinery: Spencer Chaput

Demolition Derby: Rob Duquette

Baby Show: Shelley Ashley

Singing Contest, Rise2Fame: Shelley Ashley

Education: Grace Mullen, Tim Rowsom, Bob Hornick, Bernadette Mullen

Beer Garden: Ian Pearce, Michelle Pearce, & Jodi Fluker

Barns including 4-H display: Tim Rowsom, Greg Nussey, Ian Pearce, and Michelle Pearce

Animal Welfare: Harwich Veterinary Clinic

Photography: Mark McKinlay

Pickup Truck Tug-O-War: Jeremy Reaume

Canteen: Bill and Bet Pearson