The Comber Fair


Postponed Until 2021 Comber Fair

Flowers (Class 43)
Committee: Melissa Cranston, Jodee Truskey, Bev Chambers

All articles will be received between 1-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 8th, 2018. All flower entries will be judged Thursday August 8th, 2019. Judging will begin at 8:30 p.m. Please be sure to get your entries to the fair office promptly. Please ensure your exhibitor tag is SECURELY fastened to your entry. No silk arrangements or dried flowers are allowed. Homegrown entries only – recently purchased cut flowers or plants may not be entered.

Prizes: 1st $5.00; 2nd $4.00; 3rd $2.00

1. Best African violet
2. Elegant, edible, arrangement containing fruits, vegetables and herbs (not to exceed 18″ in height, including the container)
3. Best non-flowering house plant (not to exceed 18″ in height, including the container)
4. Cup and saucer arrangement with a rosebud
5. Best tropical plant
6. “Summer Sunshine” a bouquet using yellow and/or orange flowers with foliage
7. Small marigolds – 8 blooms
8. Sweet peas in a vase
9. Bouquet of snapdragons
10. Petunias in a vase
11. One single rose
12. “Wet’ n Wild” maximum of 3 flowers floating in water, with or without foliage
13. “I Love Country” – bouquet of roadside flowers and/or weeds, not to exceed 18″ in any direction, including the container
14. ‘Glorious Gladiola’ – 3 spikes, same variety
15. A single rose, floating, without foliage
16. Bouquet of perennials
17. ‘Galloping Gourmet’ an arrangement or bouquet in a kitchen utensil
18. One geranium bloom with foliage
19. ‘Snow White’ arrangement or bouquet using white flowers with foliage
20. ‘Think Pink’ coffee table arrangement in shades of pink
21. Best orchid
22. Mini arrangement – maximum 5″ in any direction, including the container
23. ‘People put flowers in the Darndest Things’, a novel arrangement or bouquet in an odd container
24. Any flower, except a rose, floating in water
25. Hanging basket of your choice – non-flowering
26. Bouquet of any variety of flowers not mentioned elsewhere in class 43. One variety only – must be named
27. ‘Best Wishes’ – an arrangement or bouquet suitable for a nursing home or hospital
28. Picture created of seeds and plant material only. Must be framed to hang

SPECIALS for FLOWERS – class 43 – $5.00 each
Sec 1-28 sponsored by Comber Agricultural Society

Trophy: “Most Points in Adult Flowers” by Mark and Laura Roy