The Comber Fair


Postponed Until 2021 Comber Fair

Committee: Mark McKinlay 519-687-3400, Sue Nussey, Kate Nussey

READ THESE RULES SO THAT YOU ARE CLEAR ON WHAT IS EXPECTED BEFORE ENTERING: Photo size will be 5″ x 7″ (PHOTO QUALITY) unless otherwise specified. No digital image enhancing except in the Snapchat and Photoshop categories. Photo must be raw just as it was when taken.

Photo must be taken within the past year.
NO photocopies accepted.
Important: Photo must be taken by the exhibitor.
Photos may be in colour or black and white.
Tags must be attached firmly on the photo.
Exhibitor may enter one picture only in each category.
Pictures are to be mounted on black construction paper with 1 cm border.
Committee is not responsible for photos not collected at the end of the fair on Sunday August 11th, 2019
(Pick-up time, after 4:00 pm)
All articles will be received between 1-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 8th, 2019.

Class 94 – Children 12 and under
Prizes: 1st $10.00; 2nd $5.00; 3rd $4.00

1. Colourful shoes
2. Celebration (birthday, graduation, etc)
3. Colour (pick a colour and showcase anything as long as it is that one colour)
4. Best Snapchat photo (4″ x 6″ print)
5.  Playing with water
6. Farm life

Class 50 – Adults 13 and older
Prizes: 1st $10.00; 2nd $5.00; 3rd $4.00

7. Hometown proud
8. Time lapse
9. Generations
10. Abstract
11. Night time
12. Motion
13. Trees
14. Anything with wheels
15. Shadows
16. Leading lines
17. Food
18. Signs
19. Farm life
20. Moon or stars
21. Sunset
22. Photoshop a picture of your choice
23. Abandoned building, barn or church