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2021 Bursary | Comber Agricultural Society


Thank you to our 2021 generous sponsors who collectively share our vision for the future of agriculture and rural living! Congratulations to our eight bursaries recipients.

Comber Fair Bursary Recipients

With the support of our generous sponsors we were able to offer the Comber Fair Bursary this year. We once again had a record number of impressive applications. It was inspiring to see so many young adults actively pursuing a career in the agriculture industry.

Here are our 2021 recipients:

(Top row from left to right)

Logan Barnwell, Tilbury

  • First year in Environmental Management at University of Guelph
  • Future plans include working as a sustainability specialist or researcher to ensure responsible management of food production and natural resources consumption.
  • Aspires to focus on microbiology and nutrients in soil which provides minerals and water to plants.

Zachary Buchanan, Comber

  • Fourth year in Plant Science at University of Guelph
  • Future plans include pursuing a career in field research in order to further develop scientific knowledge of agriculture.
  • Aspires to acquire the family farm and increase its sustainability by including inter-cropping and integrating cattle as part of the production system.

Fiona VanMol, Kent Bridge

  • First year in Bachelor of Science Agriculture at University of Guelph
  • Future plans include exploring the different aspects of agriculture from marketing and business to animal husbandry to the field.
  • Aspires to share with other young girls the challenge and opportunities of being a female in a primarily male-dominated industry.

Owen Tellier, Essex

  • Second Year in Environmental Management at University of Guelph-Ridgetown Campus
  • Future plans include helping Canada to be a leader in green energy production, conservation and innovation of products and techniques to make agriculture more environmentally friendly and responsible.
  • Aspires to apply his skills and knowledge of managing the environment to protect our planet and keep it sustainable for food production.

(Bottom row from left to right)

Ian Lawton, Kent Bridge

  • First year in the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at University of Guelph
  • Future plans include continuing to develop use of drones, GPS and other field electronics to maximize crop inputs and minimize costs as well as making machinery parts.
  • Aspires to become the 3rd generation to work the family farm and continue and expand its regenerative agriculture format.

Hanna Reid, Ridgetown

  • Second year in Animal Science Technology: Dairy Major at Lakeland College
  • Future plans include to work with farmers as an Artificial Insemination Technician to increase A-2 milk production making it more readily available for people with digestive issues.
  • Aspires to obtain leadership roles and provide service to others such as a 4-H leader in both dairy and equine clubs.

Scott Morrison, Woodslee

  • First year in Dairy Herdsperson Apprenticeship program at University of Guelph - Ridgetown Campus
  • Future plans include operating the family farm and adopt new technology such as robotics and build on his own herd, Brightlite Holsteins, by using the best genetics available.
  • Aspires to advocate for agriculture by promoting environmentally, economically and socially sustainable farms while bridging the gap between rural and urban dwellers.

Alec Cameron, Thamesville

  • Second year in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at University of Guelph
  • Future plans include working in agri-business helping farmers with innovative solutions. Also plans on diversifying and expanding the family farm with cattle, cash crops, vegetables and specialty crops.
  • Aspires to volunteer in the agriculture community at fall fairs and 4-H rally nights as well as hold positions on different agriculture boards to voice farmers' opinions on the modern challenges of agriculture.

Congratulations to all our 2021 applicants. The Bursary Committee wishes you success in all your future endeavors.