Est. 1859
The Comber Fair

Volunteers of the Year 2019

2019 Community Appreciation Award

Jimmy and George Voakes were born and raised in Staples, Ontario.

The two brothers have been collecting, raising and showing birds at local fairs, especially Comber, for over twenty-five years!

They specialize in pigeons, showing mostly ice pigeons, pouters, owls, arc-angels and Indian fan-tails to name a few. They also exhibit several breeds of chickens: black rose-coned bantams, coaching bantams, and game bantams. They also have standard chickens such as hamburgs and black cochins in their collection. Jimmy’s favourites were his diamond doves, ring-neck doves and white doves – good competition to other exhibitors.

Jimmy and George are very helpful in hanging tags, attaching winning ribbons, watering and feeding all the feathered friends in the poultry barn as well as the rabbits. At least once during the fair, a chicken or pigeon would get out, and Jimmy and George would scramble with a net to catch them.

They are “early birds” as they are usually at the fair around 6:30am to do the chores and open the doors to the public and they would often be found staying until closing. They enjoy meeting the crowds of visitors to the fair and renewing friendships. As well, many people remember Jimmy when he worked at the local grocery store here in Comber where he was very helpful with customers.

Unfortunately, Jimmy’s health deteriorated quite rapidly this past year leading to his passing early this spring. He will be missed not only by his immediate family but also by his Comber Fair family.

Congratulations Jimmy and George for being selected to be honoured by the Comber Fair Board for 2019.